About Us

GLOSTER began making shirts way back in 1945, when the company was founded by the Grant family. Mr Grant chose to name his new company, after the exploits of the famous Gloster Meteor, which became the RAF's first operational jet aircraft in March 5th 1943. The Gloster Meteor's role as an interceptor saw action during World War II, as well as in the Korean theatre of war. They made their mark also in history of the RAAF, having been based at Laverton until their official retirement in 1963.

He must have had these heroic exploits in mind, because there can be no doubt, Mr Grant intended to and succeeded in, making a quality shirt to withstand the 'wear-and-tear' of the 'man-on-the-land'.

It was in 1985 that Aboud Apparel, an apparel company proudly Australian and dedicated to continuing the great name of Gloster, became the new owners. Since 1985 Aboud Apparel has continued to grow and now also exports.